New Project

The Gates are (nearly) open

5. Juni 2024

By Novoflot, Du Yun and Ruth Weiss

The New Lines
Three music theater premieres in the public space of the city of Munich by Het Geluid (NL), Novoflot (D), Oblivia (FIN).

In what ways can present-day music theater contribute to the invention and formulation of new (thought) lines for meaningful mobility in the future? By producing unusual theatrical placements in public spaces that no one can ignore! By opening futuristic train stations in the middle of the city (and thus in plain sight of everyone!), by bringing robot-controlled and music-powered means of transportation to life, or by initiating new streams of movement of knowledge, remembering, and forgetting in the midst of visitors to the urban library HP8! “The New Lines” is a festival within the festival that seeks to highlight the significance of artistic thinking in addressing important socio-political issues. For this special pilot project, the Munich Biennale invites three independent production groups from Finland (Oblivia), the Netherlands (Het Geluid), and Germany (Novoflot), which have been shaping the European music theater scene for many years. They will collaborate with composers Ted Hearne, Tamara Miller, Du Yun, and Yiran Zhao to produce works for the Biennale for the first time. The three premieres will be shown multiple times daily from June 5th to 9th or can be visited during specific opening hours.

NOVOFLOT: The Gates are (nearly) open.

It is the first MBE (Maximum Broad Effect) station in Europe, set up in the heart of Munich’s city center for the Biennale. MBE represents highly adaptable docking and handling procedures that can serve a wide variety of future public urban transportation modes. It’s a unique innovation that raises high expectations. However, before the start of operations, there is the inauguration of the new station, and it’s the Berlin-based opera company Novoflot that orchestrates the multi-day opening celebrations of the new Munich station. Under the motto “The Gates are (nearly) open,” Novoflot and composer Du Yun invite all city residents and international guests to the first inspection of the station operated with MBE technology. The event showcases the music-controlled power supply, opens for the first time the “Feel well and easily moved” areas of the station, and presents some protagonists from the management of the new Munich landmark.

The Gates are (nearly) open

By Novoflot, Du Yun and Ruth Weiss The New Lines Three music theater premieres in the public space of the city of Munich by Het Geluid (NL), Novoflot (D), Oblivia (FIN).

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In cooperation with the Munich Biennale for New Music Theater and the Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Nils Wogram trombone Hayden Chisholm saxophone
Damir Bacikin trumpet Antonis Anissegos keys
Chris Dahlgren bass Moritz Baumgärtner drums
Rosemary Hardy vocals Peter Fasching acting
Auditiv Vokal vocal quartet and others.
Direction and concept: Sven Holm musical direction: Vicente Larrañaga
stage: Elisa Limberg costumes: Nina von Mechow
dramaturgy and concept: Malte Ubenauf management: Dörte Wolter,
production management: Axel Lambrette and Rania Mavriki,
press and public relations: k3 Berlin.